Representing nearly 60% of net sales, purchasing is a key area for the Michelin Group.

By joining the Group Purchasing Department, you will become a real Business partner at the very heart of the Group's performance and competitiveness.

Our employees talk about their business

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Would you like to be part of an innovative and dynamic environment?

Ranging from negotiation to management and strategy, there are numerous Purchasing roles available, alongside the opportunity to pursue an international career.
Whether you are just starting out or an experienced professional, a personalized and exciting career awaits you.

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Moving Forward Together



Respect for people is one of Michelin's traditional values

It shows that the development, fulfillment and commitment of its employees lie at the heart of its managers' concerns and the company's performance.

Working for Michelin is a personal and motivating choice which requires a two-way commitment between you and the company. This two-way commitment starts with your first job in the company and continues throughout your long-term and personalized professional journey.

"Moving forward together" means being able to attract and retain talented individuals throughout the world while sharing our culture and expertise. 

Training to develop skills


Because Purchasing has a major strategic role in creating value for the Group, Michelin has put together a sound development program. The purpose of this program is to increase the professionalism of each member of the purchasing department, enabling them to act as a real business partner throughout the world.



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