Our values

"Michelin and its suppliers are inseparable''

Luc Minguet, Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer

Michelin has always contributed to progress in the mobility of people and goods and, more generally, to the progress of society.

To do this, the Group builds solid and sustainable relationships with all its partners, including its suppliers. These relationships are based on strong values which are laid out in our Purchasing Principes: 

  • Trust and common interest,
  • Respect for people and facts,
  • Integrity and ethics.

The Michelin Purchasing Principles, which is the referential document for the Michelin Purchasing Department, defines the basic principles which govern our relationships with our suppliers.

To help us progress together, our principles must also be yours. Exceptional quality of our products and services is also one of Michelin's key commitments. This level of excellence has always been our brand's strength. We expect our suppliers to share this culture of quality and customer focus. 

Michelin: a culture of quality

For over a century, Michelin has been committed to "offering our customers the best tire at the best price in each segment of the market" and "setting the standard in quality of service".

Excerpt from Michelin's Quality Statement.

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This aim drives us to satisfy and anticipate our customers' requirements in all areas of quality and motivates us to make continuous improvements.

The Group Purchasing Department has drawn up a "Purchasing Principles" to help apply the Michelin Performance and Responsibility approach. This referential document outlines the principles for managing relationships with suppliers while respecting people and the environment.

It is the joint responsibility of Michelin and its suppliers, to ensure that the products we deliver, whatever their origin or destination, as well as the services we provide, meet our customers’ requirements and are in line with the Group's values, one of which is Michelin Quality.

TOGETHER we must implement the necessary resources to guarantee this Quality while constantly striving to control costs.
MICHELIN and its SUPPLIERS must work together to progress in this direction.

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