The Michelin group, whose annual purchases represent nearly 60% of net sales, believes its suppliers are key partners in its success.

As a tribute to its committment to successful and sustainable collaboration, in 2010 Michelin received the Supplier Relationship Management award from the European institue of Purchasing Management. 

Here are some of the reasons that motivate suppliers to work with Michelin.

A new phase of dynamic growth through strong, diversified development

The Michelin group is embarking on a new phase of dynamic growth which will drive that development that contributes to the progress in the mobility of people and goods throughout the world. 

The Groups ambitions over the following years are to boost investment which strengthens its technological edge, to become more competitive and to capture the growth of new markets.

What do we want to do? Collaborate with suppliers  to meet the challenges of sustainable mobility. 

The MICHELIN brand: an extraordinary source of confidence and appeal

The Michelin brand is one of the world's leading brands in terms of its atributed consumer value. The brand, associated with safety, reliability, durability, technology and innovation, expertise and services, inspires the confidence which drives the purchase decision and ensures customer loyalty.

Quality: a permanent state of mind

‘’Quality is achieved through consistency and mindfullness of progress’’ Edouard Michelin.

Quality is the driving force for progress. Michelin has stringently applied quality standards for a long time now and requires its suppliers to commit to and actively participate in a quality assurance approach.

Solid and recognized technological leadership

Throughout its history, innovation has been at the heart of Michelin's development. Being a forerunner, by providing innovative solutions  which help customers and enable companies to develop has made the Group a key driver of progress in the industry and the markets. Encouraging our suppliers to innovate together to create value is one of the Purchasing department's main challenges.

Michelin Performance and Responsibility: a  Structured Approach

In its quest to improve mobility, Michelin combines performance and responsibility when it comes to implementing its strategy and achieving its objectives. It operates according to its values while remaining faithful to its roots. To us, responsibility means applying in our daily life Michelin's same five core values which  govern our relationship with our suppliers:

  • respect for customers
  • respect for people
  • respect for shareholders
  • respect for the environment
  • respect for the facts

Michelin and its suppliers are committed to making progress together while respecting people and the environment.

A global player

Very early on, Michelin developed an exceptionally broad geographical coverage and now has 70 production sites in            18 countries and a commercial presence in over 170 countries. Michelin makes it suppliers partners in its global development strategy.  

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